Desert Lake Gardens supplies local, organic food to the Kingston, Ontario area. We feel this is the best food for people and the planet. Simply 'click' the 'order form' button to make your selections.

Orders placed now will be delivered Wednesday June 16th and Thursday June 17th.

Specials this week: Chicken with Almonds in Lemon Cream Pasta Sauce (made with Fenwood Farm chicken) and
Braised Short Ribs with Barley and Shiitake Mushroom Stew . Soups this week: Asian Noodle Soup and Spring Turnip Soup.

LOCAL HARVESTS! BABY MIXED GREENS (our own), ARUGULA, BABY LETTUCE, TATSOI, YUKINA SAVOY and SPRING TURNIP with GREENS all are beautiful this week! SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS, HERBS including BASIL, CILANTRO and DILL from our gardens. SPINACH and ASPARAGUS (from Wiseacres in Centreville). VINE RIPE TOMATOES from Sun Harvest in Inverary.

GRASS FED CERTIFIED ORGANIC LOCAL BEEF We now have a supply of this wonderful beef, straight from Sugar Hill Farm in Inverary. Pastured beef (grass fed) sustainably grown and is the tastiest, healthiest (much lower in fat) beef. You will notice the difference! Many individual cuts available. POSTED ON THE WEBSITE NOW!

ALSO NEW - CHICKENS (whole, organic) from Morningside Farm in Yarker.

CARROTS - almost done for this year.

Looking for a good read? slow food - The Case for Taste written by the movement's founder, Carlo Petrini, helps the uninitiated understand why we place so much value on our food, and the enjoyment of it. Here is the foreward of this book, written by Alice Waters: foreward to Slow Food

Where do our groceries come from? A large percentage come from a Toronto-based co-operative (the Ontario Natural Food Coop). We have been members for over 20 years (personally for 12 years, and as a retailer for the past ten years). The mission and vision of the ONFC is to provide a sustainable food alternative. The "triple bottom line" makes choices that are not strictly tied to price, but "include broader criteria with more holistic implications". Here is a reprint of an excellent article. Sustainable Food System: What Does This Mean?