Website names corporations taking control of the food system

What companies are the largest food retailersn in Canada? Which firms control US fertilizer production? Where is Wal-Mart expanding in Asia? What is Cargill's market share in beef packing in Canada and the US? Which agrochemical companies dominate the world market? What portion of the Canadian flour milling market is controlled by the top four firms?

The Market Share Matrix is designed to answer these questions and many more.

The Market Share Matrix is an ambitious research project ot map the global food system - to name the transnationals that dominate each link in the agri-food chain, to calculate companies' market shares and global reach, to quantify corporate concentrations, and to use internet-based computing to reveal patterns in this data. The Matrix is a joint project of the National Farmers Union (NFU), the US-based Agribusiness Accountability Initiative (AAI), and the researchers and activists arount the world. While the project has been underway for nearly two years, the website was publicly launched on June 30 at .